Aircraft Modifications, Research & Mockups

DSC00936aAircraft Demolition will provide the expertise and equipment to modify aircraft components ranging from the Boeing 747 down to the smallest aircraft. These modifications include removing large structures such as the cockpit for reuse as flight simulators. Other components such as the wings or fuselage structures can be removed for research and training devices. Aircraft Demolition provides mockups for the film and television industry as well as set props. Aircraft Demolition will modify customer aircraft or can be contracted to provide aircraft.

Many industry professionals have come to Aircraft Demolition because of our wide range of experience, mobile capabilities and wide product offerings. Put our team to work for you and we will make your next project a success. 

  • Cockpit Flight Simulators
  • Crew Training Simulators
  • Aircraft Components for Research and Development
  • Cabin Doors and Cargo Doors
  • Film and Television Mockups

I sincerely appreciate the outstanding support provided to Innoviator for our bird strike test on the B737-800. The Aircraft Demolition Team provided a fuselage section within weeks helping us meet our schedule making the bird strike test a success.

Thank you,

Steve Marsan, Principal and FAA DTA / Structures DER
Innoviator Everett Day 3 - 4 web1

Client Testimonial

November 8, 2011

This letter is to verify and highly recommend Aircraft Demolition & Tim Zemanovic for their exemplary work in aiding PART with the demolition of its aircraft. The service that Tim and his company provide is invaluable form a standpoint of both the completion of an aircraft's lifecycle but also the continuation and utilization of the materials form a recycling and environmentally friendly aspect.

Thad Hoffmaster
Pacific Aerospace Resources & Technologies, LLC