Minneapolis, MN - Humphrey Terminal

Thumbnail imageSeptember 2007 - Aircraft Demolition purchased a McDonnell DC9-30 for metal recycling purposes from a major air carrier. This was a complete aircraft including cabin interior, but without engines. The airplane had been damaged by ground equipment.

After inspection it was deemed unrepairable. Over 80% of the entire aircraft material was recycled. Total deconstruction, recycling and clean up was completed in eight hours.

Detroit, MI - Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

March 2008 - Aircraft Demolition purchased a McDonnell DC-9 for metal recycling purposes from a major air carrier. Deconstruction and recycling of the DC-9 was preformed onsite per customer's request. This plane had been retired nearly 2 years earlier and was un-flyable.  It was missing engines and some avionics, otherwise it was a fairly complete aircraft including cabin furnishings.

More than 80% of the aircraft was recycled. The entire demolition and recycling process was performed in less than seven hours leaving the ramp free of FOD.

Chicago, IL – Midway Airport

April 2008 - Aircraft Demolition purchased a McDonnell DC-9 for metal recycling purposes from Northwest Airlines. The DC-9 was damaged by another carrier's ground equipment and deemed non-cost effective to repair.  Deconstruction and recycling was performed on-site per customer request.

More than 80% of the aircraft was recycled, and the entire process was completed in less than six hours. The ramp area was left FOD free.

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Jet Engine Recycling

July 2008 - Aircraft Demolition purchased eight Pratt & Whitney JT8D engines for metal recycling purposes. The engines were located in Marana, Arizona and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Aircraft Demolition took delivery of the engines at the Minneapolis International Airport.

Engines were high time and out of service. The Pratt & Whitney JT8D engines were torn down in our facility by our team of FAA licensed Aircraft & Powerplant mechanics.

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Client Testimonial

January 29, 2016

I sincerely appreciate the outstanding support. When Innoviator - Flight Science defined the need for a B737-800 Bird Strike complaint test article, the Aircraft Demolition Team provided a fuselage section within weeks.

Steve Marsan
Principal and FAA DTA / Structures DER