Air Marshal Aircraft Recycled

B727-100November 2013 - Aircraft Demolition purchased a Boeing 727-100 from the FAA in Atlantic City, NJ (ACY). The aircraft was used for training purposes by the US Air Marshals and was completely worn out. Our team of aviation professionals removed the hazardous materials, engines and recycled the entire airframe in two days. The engines were returned to our secure facility in Burnsville for further segregation and mutilation. Our AFRA accredited procedures were utilized throughout the entire process.

Mobile Aircraft Partout

Major AirlineOctober 2013 - Aircraft Demolition just performed a mobile partout on the East Coast for a major US airline. Major components were removed for the carriers inventory and then the remaining hull was recycled for scrap metal.

Aircraft Demolition Goes Into Space

nasa-logoSeptember 2013 - Aircraft Demolition goes into space, almost... We were recently contracted by NASA to perform maintenance on the two Boeing 747 Space Shuttle Carrier  Aircraft (SCA).

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FAA Technical Center

FaaSeptember 2013 - Aircraft Demolition was contracted to perform the part-out and modification of an L1011 for the FAA William J Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ.

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747-400 Demolition & Recycling

August 2013 - Aircraft Demolition recycled a Boeing 747-400 at Moses Lake, WA. Our experienced crew was able to complete the task in five days while maintaining a high recyclabilty rate.

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Client Testimonial

September 12, 2008

In less than six hours, your team demonstrated your competency by deconstructing the entire aircraft and hauled away all material, leaving the ram area free of debris and eliminating any possible FOD. In addition, Aircraft Demolition conducted the work in a professional manner including taking all necessary precautions to prevent any potential environmental contamination.

Chad A. Sukhtipyaroge
Manager - Aircraft Finance
Transactions & Administration
Northwest Airlines, Inc.