Worldwide Aircraft Disassembly and Recycling Services.

MD11 rain webOctober 2014 - Aircraft Demolition, LLC was contracted by Unical Aviation to provide aircraft part out and recycling services for a McDonnell Douglas MD11 freighter aircraft. The work was performed at the Ostend-Bruges International Airport in Ostend, Belgium. Over 1,200 airframe parts were removed and tagged and shipped back to Unical’s headquarters in the USA for resale.

The weather is a little challenging as it is cool and rainy this time of year, but Belgium is beautiful and the local citizens are fantastic.


GE TF39 Demil at Fort Meade

TF39September 2014 - Aircraft Demolition performed demilitarization at Fort Meade Maryland on sixteen GE TF-39 Jet Engines

Destroying what was once a state of the art GE TF39 aircraft engine for the C5 Galaxy aircraft through the use of strategic cuts. Aircraft Demolition spent just one week breaking down sixteen C5 Galaxy engines onsite at Ft. Meade. The job entailed the use of a shear to meet the rigorous standards of the Department Of Defense. All of the engines were shipped to Aircraft Demolition’s secure Burnsville, Minnesota engine teardown facility for further deconstruction and segregation of alloys for re-melt.

Bloomberg News - Aircraft Demolition, LLC

Bloomberg NewsAugust 2014 - Aircraft Demolition makes Bloomberg News, By Julie Johnsson

“Parts are in high demand and people are looking at ways to save money,” said Tim Zemanovic, co-founder of Burnsville, Minnesota-based Aircraft Demolition. It dismembers about 25 planes annually, from older-model Boeing 737s to Airbus A320 and Boeing 747-400 wide-bodies, in a process that can take up to six weeks. Popular components for resale include propulsion systems from engines, auxiliary power units, actuators, black boxes, cockpit instruments and even windshields, Zemanovic said...

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Aircraft Sculpture & Furniture Art

art1July 2014 - Aircraft Demolition, LLC was founded by Tim & Erin Zemanovic 7 years ago to provide part-out, demolition, and recycling services for commercial airlines and military aircraft worldwide.

During our many projects, we came across items that are no longer airworthy but are too beautiful to melt down or scrap. These items routinely ended up at our shop or in our homes as aircraft sculpture and furniture art.

Now you can own a piece of aviation history and enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship in these wonderful creations. Great gifts for pilots, airline employees and any aviation enthusiast! To learn more or place an order, please visit

AFRA Board of Director Nomination

AFRA XXX Logo artJuly 2014 - Aircraft Demolition CEO Tim Zemanovic was recently named to the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) Board of Directors. Mr. Zemanovic looks forward helping AFRA reach its goals and objectives during his term and increasing membership.

If you're not a member please join this wonderful organization today! 

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Worldwide Aircraft Disassembly and Recycling Services
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Client Testimonial

January 3, 2014

The staff at Aircraft Demolition are very professional and experienced in dealing with aircraft teardowns and inventory scrap. Their timeliness and expertise in the field made a complex logistical project quite simple. We are going to be doing additional scrap projects in 2014 as well as potential aircraft teardowns and will definitely be using their services again.

Tim Knutson
VP - Global Operations
Worthington Aviation