Boeing 747 Part Out - Marana, AZ

Aero ControlsJanuary 2016 - Aircraft Demolition an AFRA dual accredited company recently signed a disassembly contract with Aero Controls, Inc. from Auburn, WA. The part out work will be performed on the Boeing 747-400 at our Pinal Airpark, Marana, AZ (KMZJ) location.  Please contact Aero Controls directly for part sales.

Aircraft Demoliiton - Dual AFRA Accredited Member

AFRA RecyclesJanuary 2016 – At Aircraft Demolition it was a very busy month with the signing of multiple contracts to recycle aircraft on the east and west coast of the United States plus a contract to modify a wide-body airframe.

Additionally Aircraft Demolition recently passed its Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association renewal audit and continues to be a leading dual accredited member of AFRA.

Movie Set and TV Mockups

December 2015 - Because of the nature of our business the television and film industry come to us for aircraft mock-ups and set props. Recently Aircraft Demolition provided movie set mockups for a feature film that is currently being produced in the USA and we supplied a number of cockpit parts for a television show on NBC. Earlier this year we supplied a jet engine and other aircraft parts for a blockbuster film Fox Studios is shooting. Once filming gets further along we will be able to share some photos as we don't want to spoil the surprise!

We have everything you need to make any aviation film complete from whole aircraft down to individual cockpit parts or even jet engines. Depending on your need the aviation set dressings can be rented or purchased. For aircraft movie mockups and set props contact us today for more information:

Twin Cities Business Magazine

twin cities businessNovember 2015- Aircraft Demolition was featured in the November issue of Twin Cities Business magazine.

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Client Testimonial

April 1, 2013

We had a need for removing our Boeing 727 out of our maintenance hangar, and were very pleased to learn that Aircraft Demolition had the unique capabilities to do the precision work. Your team excelled in safety and creativity by safely cutting off the tail section of the aircraft and removing the aircraft outside of the hangar for "Aircraft End of Life Solutions".


Curtis J. Zoller
Associate Dean of Aerospace Programs
Northland Community and Technical College