Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aircraft Demolition buy aircraft, jet engines and inventories for disassembly, part-out and recycling?

What types of aircraft do you disassemble, part-out and recycle?
All commercial aviation - Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell Douglas, Bombardier, Embraer, Lockheed Martin and more. All military aviation - fighter, bomber, and cargo aircraft.

Does Aircraft Demolition provide mobile disassembly, part-out and teardown services?
Yes. Our team of FAA licensed airframe and powerplant mechanics will remove parts per customer requirements.

Does Aircraft Demolition buy jet engines for disassembly and recycling?
Yes. We will buy commercial and military jet engines, including expired parts inventories. Disassembly and recycling with take place at our secure facility in Burnsville, Minnesota.

Is Aircraft Demolition insured?
Yes. Aircraft Demolition carries commercial general liability, pollution liability and workers compensation insurance.

Will Aircraft Demolition disassemble, part-out and recycle an aircraft in a remote location or foreign country?
Yes. Aircraft Demolition has recycled aircraft throughout the United States and several foreign countries.

Is Aircraft Demolition an accredited member of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA)?
Yes. We are the first Dual Accredited Member!

What happens to the airframe data plate?
The airframe data plate is removed by the air carrier prior to deconstruction or is removed by Aircraft Demolition and returned to the air carrier.

Who is responsible for any aircraft hazardous material?
The aircraft owner is responsible for the removal and disposal of any hazardous material prior to deconstruction date. Aircraft Demolition can be contracted to provide the removal service for the aircraft owner.

Does Aircraft Demolition ensure clean up after the airplane deconstruction?
Yes. Deconstruction and cleanup is guaranteed, eliminating any potential foreign object damage (FOD).

Does Aircraft Demolition offer a quantity discount?
Yes. Discounts are based on the total number of airframes or engines to be deconstructed and recycled, either in one location or in multiple locations.

Are there any extra or hidden costs not included in Aircraft Demolitions budgetary proposal?

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Client Testimonial

September 12, 2008

In less than six hours, your team demonstrated your competency by deconstructing the entire aircraft and hauled away all material, leaving the ram area free of debris and eliminating any possible FOD. In addition, Aircraft Demolition conducted the work in a professional manner including taking all necessary precautions to prevent any potential environmental contamination.

Chad A. Sukhtipyaroge
Manager - Aircraft Finance
Transactions & Administration
Northwest Airlines, Inc.