Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority

 April 12, 2013

okflagYour team demonstrated a very high degree of competency by entirely deconstructing 767 and 757 aircraft, hauling away all material, leaving our entire ramp and runway area free of debris and eliminating any possible FOD. The work was done very quickly with care and precision and did not require our staff to engage in any additional cleanup.

Previous to your work on our facility, we were very discouraged by previous aircraft deconstruction projects by other companies due to the lack of regard leaving a very clean environment when finished. Your crews were also very professional and exhibited the highest degree of safety while engage in the deconstruction process.
We look forward to having you back at our facility in the near future.


Bill N. Khourie
Executive Director
Oklahoma Air and Spaceport
Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority

Client Testimonial

November 8, 2011

This letter is to verify and highly recommend Aircraft Demolition & Tim Zemanovic for their exemplary work in aiding PART with the demolition of its aircraft. The service that Tim and his company provide is invaluable form a standpoint of both the completion of an aircraft's lifecycle but also the continuation and utilization of the materials form a recycling and environmentally friendly aspect.

Thad Hoffmaster
Pacific Aerospace Resources & Technologies, LLC