Innoviator - Flight Science

January 29, 2016
InnoviatorI sincerely appreciate the outstanding support. When Innoviator - Flight Science defined the need for a B737-800 Bird Strike (25.571 para. (e)) 1 compliant test article, the Aircraft Demolition Team provided a fuselage section within weeks. As a result we successfully met schedule and the Bird Strike test was a success.

Thank you for all your help and we will certainly be requesting several more articles for upcoming STC projects.

Thank you,

Steve Marsan
Principal and FAA DTA / Structures DER

Client Testimonial

April 12, 2013

Your team demonstrated a very high degree of competency by entirely deconstructing 767 and 757 aircraft, hauling away all material, leaving our entire ramp and runway area free of debris and eliminating any possible FOD. The work was done very quickly with care and precision and did not require our staff to engage in any additional cleanup.

Bill N. Khourie
Executive Director Oklahoma Air and Spaceport
Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority